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Stress & Anxiety

How would life be if you no longer had stress and anxiety dragging you down?

Imagine how confident you could feel ... how much easier each day would become.

Is this possible? YES! and we can help you get your life back easily and quickly.

When you suffer from too much emotional pressure it places stress on your body and this can affect how you feel, how you think and adjusts behaviour too.

Your mind and your body are always intrinsically interlinked, so if you are feeling stressful, whether it is physical stress or emotional and psychological stress, it affects you directly in the mind. This can cause you to worry, feel anxious and depressed.
  Stress Relief at Hypnotherapy Colchester
When you are under stress our bodies release hormones. Cortisol and adrenaline are released into your system whenever your brain detects that your stress levels are up.

It all starts in the hypothalamus region of the brain where the hormones are then released. It is these hormones that are actually there to help you through those stressful situations and we should use that extra hormonal power to fight the situation we are in.

Get rid of the anxious thoughts

That's where Hypnotherapy comes in!

We have all heard of the term “fight or flight” which is a decision we are faced with when under sudden stressful situations and determines whether we should tackle a stressful situation head on, or flee from it. The adrenaline causes our heart to beat faster and increases our blood pressure and in turn gives us more energy in preparation to deal with that stressful situation.
You may not be aware that your system actually needs some amount of stress in order to achieve the day to day things you have to do to live. It helps you to rush out the door and catch the bus to work, it helps you to motivate yourself when playing in a contact sport and helps to push you closer to your limits. So having too little stress can be as bad as having too much of it.

We will teach you how to keep your stress levels at a healthy level and how to regulate them at will whenever you are in a situation that may be stressful or cause anxiety within you.
Learn to be Calm with Hypnotherapy Colchester

Come and learn through the power of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy to be calmer, more relaxed and in control of your thoughts and feelings.

Start today by emailing us at nomorestress@hypnotherapist-colchester.co.uk or contact us below or simply call for an appointment free on:

0800 028 3071 or on 07949 392248

Yes! ... I want to get rid of stress and anxiety now!
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Start today by emailing us at nomorestress@hypnotherapist-colchester.co.ukcontact us above or simply call for an appointment free on:

0800 028 3071 or on 07949 392248

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