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Hypnotherapy works fundamentally by dealing with the unconscious state of being. Through the power of suggestion, hypnotherapy changes the way you view cigarettes and the way in which you view the habit of smoking, allowing you to realise its effects on your life. 

Through this process of working with your mind, we can make you entirely comfortable with your decision to withdraw from smoking and ensure the decision is both a permanent and rewarding one.
  Stopping Smoking with Hypnotherapy in Colchester Essex

Our powerful techniques really can change your life - if you have the desire to quit smoking, we have the skills to strengthen your decision and stance within your own mind, to reinforce a positive mindset and ultimately to ensure success in your bid for an improved health.

In just one session you really can get control back in your life!

That's all it takes, just ONE 90 minute session.

Here's what Simon said ...

"It took me a whole year after my father died from lung cancer to get round to trying to give up, after having smoked for almost 25 years. I knew that I would find it difficult to achieve alone so I decided to contact Tom for help. I had just one session during which I felt relaxed and think I even snored a little! Leaving that session I did feel sceptical that what seemed such a short time under hypnosis would work. However, I have not had 1 single cigarette since: not one in more than two and a half years. A huge achievement for me and a testament to Tom's outstanding expertise as a Hypnotherapist."

S. P - Essex

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Your 90 minute Stop Smoking package, including all recordings
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  Stop Smoking Hypnosis Colchester

Break Free of the chains of smoking now by emailing us at stopsmoking@hypnotherapist-colchester.co.ukcontact us below or simply call for an appointment on:

0800 028 3071 or on 07949 392248

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More about Stopping Smoking

Sometimes we say that just having that one cigarette could not possibly hurt but smoking is highly addictive and a habit that is very difficult to break. It may well be easier to cut down than it is to quit smoking altogether but ultimately you should look to end your relationship with the wicked weed. 

It does not take long for your body to start to repair itself after smoking. It may take as little as half an hour after having a cigarette for your blood pressure to return to normal and your heart rate to get back to normal. Your lungs will actually begin their clearing process just one day after you have your last cigarette. 

Furthermore, you will be amazed at how quickly your body will improve after you have successfully managed to stop smoking. In just two days, your lungs will start to clear and your taste buds and sense of smell will start to return, improving the quality of your life dramatically. When our senses are working at optimum levels, we begin to feel happier and more content with life. 

Across the world today there are fewer people smoking than there were 50 years ago, or even 20 years ago but the figures are still worryingly high. Even 40 years ago it was believed that as much as 60% of all adults were smokers, or had tried smoking from time to time. That figure has come down to around 23% today but that still represents millions of people who are risking their health and the health of those around them by smoking.

There are a number of benefits that a person can enjoy if they manage to quit smoking. Skin looks younger and fresher as stopping smoking has been linked with slower ageing in the face and chin. It can also improve fertility in men as stopping smoking means couples will almost certainly deliver a healthier baby. 

Stopping smoking for three months will help to improve the circulation of the blood around your body and you will notice that you can start to breathe more easily. Just 12 months after stopping smoking, the risk of contracting heart disease or cancer caused by smoking will have been reduced by as much as 50 per cent. 

Break Free of the chains of smoking now by emailing us at stopsmoking@hypnotherapist-colchester.co.ukcontact us above or simply call for an appointment on:

0800 028 3071 or on 07949 392248

and Quit the weed today!

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