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Hypnosis for Phobias

People worldwide find themselves with a wide range of phobias – unfortunately for many the phobia can control and ruin a life. However, through hypnotherapy treatment, this no longer has to be the case. By allowing us to relax you and focus your mind, we can access your subconscious and deal directly with the past experiences and stimuli that lead to the phobia.
Get rid of ALL Phobias with Colchester Hypnotherapy

We adjust your individual response to the subject of your phobia through a range of hypnotic and NLP techniques and as a result lead you to accept the old stimulus (flying, needles, spiders, etc) in a calm and understanding way. The fear response doesny h
ave to rule your life any more – it can be managed and alleviated. With our help and the right mindset you can overcome your controlling phobia.

Heres what Angela aid after visiting us ...

"I have been meaning to write to you for sometime now to thank you for helping me overcome my bird phobia. I cannot thank you enough; you have quite simply changed my life! I had my phobia for about fifty years and it not only affected my daily life but also that of my family. Being in a constant state of fear when I was outside was the norm and I only wish I had done something about it sooner, but I was just so scared of doing that. I was scared of facing up to my fear and scared of hypnotherapy.

How daft was I?!! As soon as I met you, you put me completely at ease and took me through the whole process with the greatest empathy, care and understanding. Hypnotherapy is fantastic; I had the best nights sleep ever and no more nightmares!
I cannot sing your praises high enough and would recommend anyone who has a phobia to contact you today.

P.S. My family send their thanks too!"

Angela, Essex.

Dealing with a phobia can take between 2 to 4 sessions normally. Each session costs £60. Begin a new life without the fear now by emailing us at phobiagone@hypnotherapist-colchester.co.uk or contact us below or simply call for an appointment free on:

0800 028 3071 or on 07949 392248

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More about Overcoming and Understanding Fears and Phobias
Virtually everyone has some kind of fear or another, something they feel deeply uncomfortable with or makes them unsettled. Phobias and fears can be debilitating to the point where we behave with irrationality, become paranoid and suffer from great anxiety. The good news is that most phobias can be managed and even cured but first you need to understand what a phobia is and what strategies you can adopt to bring you to the point where you can manage it.
A phobia is a fear of something, where usually the most common ones are flying, heights, snakes, wasps, closed in areas like tunnels and needles. Many more people have a deep fear of going to the dentist. Most people develop their fear during childhood but it can be common to have a fear start as late as middle age.
Having a phobia often means we are forced into going to great lengths to avoid the situation. This may involve walking an extra two miles home just to avoid a certain neighbourhood or driving hundreds of miles because you just cannot find a way to fly there, such is your fear of flying.
The common symptoms of fear are increased heart rates, hyperventilation and a response that causes us to fight or flee. There is a difference between normal controlled fear and a phobia. Take someone who has a phobia of heights and the actions they will be forced to take would be something like avoiding going up in that hot air balloon over the African Savannah plains, where someone will a normal fear would just get in and not lean over the edge.
Someone with a fear of big dogs like Alsatians or a Rottweiler may just act a little nervous when they see one in the park, whereas a person with a phobia would avoid the park altogether.
Phobias can be overcome by learning how to face them and address them rather than avoid them altogether. Using Hypnosis at Colchester Hypnotherapy with one of our expert therapists is an excellent way of helping you to get back in control of your life.

Begin a new life without the fear now by emailing us at phobiagone@hypnotherapist-colchester.co.ukcontact us above or simply call for an appointment free on:

0800 028 3071 or on 07949 392248

Don't wait any longer to live the life you want!

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